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TAEKWON-DO As The Way Of Life

The following philosophy and guidelines are to be considered the cornerstone by which all serious Teakwon-Do students are encouraged to live by:

  1. Be willing to give where the going be tough and do the things that are worth doing even though they are difficult.
  2. Be gentle to the weak and tough to the strong.
  3. Be content with what you have in money and position but never in skills.
  4. Always finish what you begin, be it large or small.
  5. Be a willing teacher to anyone regardless of religion, race or ideology.
  6. Never yield to repression of threat in the pursuit of noble cause.
  7. Teach attitude and skill with action rather than words
  8. Be yourself even though your circumstances may change.
  9. Be the eternal teacher who teaches with the body when young, with words when old and by moral precept even after death

The history of fighting arts is as old as man kind and literally began with the first altercation primitive man had with another man or the need to defend himself from a beast. While there is value in the historical roots of the martial arts there is a point where it is impossible to trace its origins to the original source.

There is much debate over the true source of traditional martial arts whether they originated from India, China, Japan, or even the famous Shaolin temples. Each of these countries, the Shaolin temple and many other entities has contributed the growth of the martial arts. For one style, country or organization to argue with another over what the true roots of the martial arts are is as silly as two fleas fighting over who owns the dog that they both live on.

Korea's geographic position as an Asian nexus between China and Japan has caused Korea to be influence by many Asian cultures. Korea was periodically invaded by the Chinese, Japanese, Manchurians and Mongols. The fact that Koreans have been able to retain so much of their culture and identity is a strong testament the fortitude and resolve of the Korean people.
History | Way of Life | Ancient Martial Arts | The Birth